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Happily Ever After

10 Feb

A wedding present for a special couple who woo-ed one another over scrabble.

The message is laid out in scrabble pieces on Liberty print paper. I later added their names to the scrabble, as they fitted in perfectly, and the wedding date to the mount.

x Loulou


Pretty Notebooks

8 Jun

The fresh blank pages of possibility of a pretty new notebook – waiting expectantly to be filled with grand schemes, great deeds or that novel supposedly in all of us…

…or maybe I’ll just doodle and write lists.

Inspiring selection at Liberty.


Liberty Gold

9 May

There was a rich purple Liberty bag, inside the rich purple Liberty bag was an excitingly sized purple Liberty box, inside the excitingly sized purple Liberty box was a black velvet pouch, inside the black velvet pouch, was gold!

The most beautiful gift voucher I’ve ever seen – it’s almost* a shame to have to spend it.

*Actually nowhere near a shame, a trip to the wonderland of Liberty with magic gold to spend  – what could be better?


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