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An Italian Christmas

20 Dec

This year, my work celebrated Christmas by cooking up an Italian feast. We took part in a one day Italian cookery class at Cucina Caldesi, the cookery school attached to Caffe Caldesi in Marylebone. Arriving to the school, down an old cobbled street, felt like stepping into a Christmas carol – the kitchen was strewn with boughs of holy and ivy, nuts and dried oranges.

We were taught how to make fresh tortelli with two types of fillings, stuffed courgettes, pistachio-crusted baked salmon and a dessert of orange and polenta cake, served with baked figs. Once all the hard work in the kitchen was over, we sat down and enjoyed our meal together.

Here’s hoping for a pasta maker in a Pick Me Up stocking.

x Loulou


Christmas Crafting

19 Dec

pick me up - christmas decorationDays of Christmas crafting in the Pick Me Up household. Fueled by lebkuchen and accompanied by cheesy christmas tunes on the radio, biscuits were baked, hats knitted and decorations fashioned. I pursued a papercut theme with christmas cards and clay  decorations in the same rabbit and bird designs.

pick me up - christmas craftingAfter rolling out air-dry clay I cut out my designs using a scalpel, a couple of days drying out and they were ready to paint with acrylic and seal with a spray matt varnish.

Family and friends are long accustomed to receiving homemade (or should that be bespoke) presents from me so I’ll not ‘disappoint’ them this year.


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