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La Dolce Vita

3 Mar



Saturday morning, and when we finally all made our way into the kitchen for a much-needed cup of tea – Loulou telling us all about the event she’d been to the night before, Ellie and I sadly contemplating an empty bottle of retsina and asking each other ‘why?’ – my conversation turned, as it has with probably boring regularity of late, to the recent Dolce and Gabbana show at Milan fashion week. Obviously I wasn’t there; I’ve just been poring over the photos on, and I can barely express how much I love it. I’ve thought Dolce and Gabbana wonderful for a long time, adoring the Fifties shapes and the heritage and intelligence that goes into their clothes, and here all that is combined with gorgeous medieval opulence.

Anyway, my rhapsodising soon turned into ‘dressing up Dolce and Gabbana style!’ and here is the result:


Vintage skirt, Miso top, KG shoes, knock-off sunglasses my mum brought back for me from Turkey (if you look closely you can read ‘Rayben’ on the lens), most likely Accessorize necklace, YSL lipstick, bed hair my own.

New Look top, H&M dress, Clarks shoes, treasured pineapple necklace, Benefit benetint lip tint. Chambord, model’s own.

Grace x


Dreaming of Summer

26 Feb

Loulou and I – a couple of years ago now – went island-hopping in Greece. We had hardly any money, and on the last day I couldn’t even afford to buy a chocolate bar, but somehow we managed it. This was our last stop. Soaking up the sun on beautiful Santorini. This photo is my desktop background at the moment, and its promise of warm weather ahead (hopefully) is keeping me going while London just seems to get greyer and colder…

Grace x

Books in the Park

23 Jun

Today Ellie and I were intending to while away some hours chatting and reading in a cafe (just the thing for a lazy Saturday) but a mysterious absence of rain meant we ended up in the park instead.

A sunny bench served as the perfect spot for…

Bright Young People is non-fiction that reads like a novel. The romps and jaunts of the glittering cast of Guinesses, Mitfords & Posonbys feel familiar as many have been immortalised in the fiction of the Jazz Age, albeit under different guises. D J Taylor’s fascinating chronicle of the 1920s pleasure-seekers looks beyond the baths & bottles parties and treasure hunts across London to the broken social bonds and spectre of war behind the gloss. I’d like to think that the Bright Young People with their partiality for theatricality and dressing up would approve that their exploits are inspiring a whole new generation of hipsters to don flapper finery, down cocktails and dance the night away in the rash of 1920s nights springing up across London – but probably they are far too busy carrying on the party to care…


Hilary Mantel’s Booker-winning novel Wolf Hall provoked some differences of opinion in the Pick Me Up household; we either loved it, hated it or couldn’t quite muster the enthusiasm to take it on. Being the one who loved it, and a fan of minutely (perhaps overly) detailed historical novels in general, I’m exploring some of Mantel’s other works. I’m finding A Place of Greater Safety engrossing but quite a mental challenge, probably because (despite having studied it) I’m a little shaky on the ins and outs of the French Revolution, which the novel describes. I was rather startled to discover that there were several key characters I’m sure I’d never heard of before. But if you’re a fan of Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies you’ll probably like it as the technique is similar – a study of, and elaboration upon, the figures at the centre of a whirlwind of political history.

Grace x

Raspberry Lip Tint

14 Jun


This month’s issue of Elle magazine offered some unusual emergency makeup advice. “If you forget your lipstick, try crushed-up raspberries for a luxe, rich colour that lasts.” Now while this may work at a lavish garden party brimming with raspberry daquiris or, I don’t know, a glam day at the pick-your-own, I’m not sure it translates to the real world. Maybe I’m wrong – perhaps there are girls in the queue for Mahiki bemoaning their once-again forgotten lipstick only for a friend to save the day by whipping a punnet of soft fruit from her clutch bag – but it does seem unlikely. I was, however, quite taken by the idea of a fruit-coloured lip tint or stain that didn’t involve me smearing raspberry juice across my face, and this Rimmel lip pen in Perpetual Plum is what I found…

It is applied with a felt-tip style pen and comes with a glossy balm to apply when the lip stain has dried, and it’s pretty cheery!

Grace x


2 May


Ellie, Kate and I have been going running this year. I always used to hate running, but someone told me that if you do it regularly for two weeks, you’re hooked – and I’ve definitely developed an addiction. Just once round the park (really not very far… I’m not that serious/fit!) always cheers me up. Endorphins, a sense of achievement, and an excuse to eat whatever cake the others have baked. (Today it’s orange cake – it’s really good, I’ll get Kate to post the recipe!)

Grace x

Salmon-Pink Geraniums

18 Apr

In Elizabeth Goudge’s children’s book The Little White Horse, salmon-pink geraniums are everywhere – crowding windowsills,  decorating kitchens, and in particular filling the character Loveday’s secret house carved into the rock. I absolutely love this book, and salmon-pink geraniums as a result. I have also learnt valuable lessons from the main character, Maria Merryweather, who takes moral strength from the hidden crystals sewn around the top of her boots, and the unseen violets inside her bonnet – ‘for Maria was one of your true aristocrats; the perfection of the hidden things was even more important to her than the outward show’.

This might be the root of my obsession with wearing matching underwear. It might also be possible that ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is the message I was supposed to have learnt (and have clearly breezed past)…

Grace x


6 Apr

If I’m honest, sometimes all it takes to cheer me up is a red lipstick.

(This one is Rimmel, in Tantrum)

Grace x

Harrison Ford

17 Mar

We love Harrison Ford. Grace loves him as Indiana Jones mainly – Dr Jones’ three-piece suits and general attractiveness may have significantly influenced her career choice – while Loulou loves him as Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Dr Richard Kimble, Jack Ryan… basically she isn’t fussy. Ellie is a big fan of the chaste romance in Witness, and anyone who can build a barn is a winner in her eyes. We may slightly disapprove of the earring he’s been sporting recently (when we say recently, we mean the last decade or so?) but we forgive him. Plus, in real life he can fly planes and carve wood.

Grace x

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