23 May

wpid-20130522_145254Advance tickets are sold out but you can still turn up early, queue and be rewarded with a same day ticket to the incredible David Bowie Is show at the V&A. Boy is it worth the wait. Head sets play you music and voiceovers triggered by proximity to the exhibits as you wander around the packed exhibition so that the experience is as immersive and over the top as Bowie’s work. The head sets also make for the odd amusing scene as visitors forget themselves in their own little Bowie world – a middle aged man obliviously belting out ‘Ground control to Major Tom…’ was met with smiles by everyone. The exhibition is a smorgasboard of the influences on, early incarnations and many metamorphoses of Bowie. I spent two hours wandering round and could have spent a lot longer. The double height screen-packed room is particularly transfixing – how can a museum recreate the spine-tingling power exceptional performers have? The V&A have got as close as possible with the clever combination of costumes, lights and footage innovatively deployed here. The span of generations I saw visiting the exhibition underlines quite how relevant and transcending Bowie still is. Go!


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