Letterpress Printing

27 Feb

Letterpress printing is having a bit of a moment.  Championed by some of my favourite bloggers (Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day, I’m looking at you) beautiful fonts are everywhere. After falling in love with this Pause and Wonder print by Aardvark, discovered in the V&A shop, and not a little inspired by the ideals it champions, I decided to give letterpress printing a whirl. A one day course at Ink Spot Press in Brighton saw me using wood and metal type to lay out basic card designs and print off small runs (with varying levels of success).

In this age of instant information overload and disposability there is something charming about cards and posters produced in a slower more measured fashion. Laying out type takes time, forces consideration of the content and space around. That said, I got overexcited by the fonts on offer (over 180 cases of type) as my icing card shows.


I’ve a way to go to learn the elegance of restraint. Remembering where all the letters had come from when it was time to tidy up was a real struggle.


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