Homemade Limoncello

29 Dec

Pick Me Up - Homemade Limoncello
This sweet, sharp liquer is essentially neat vodka with a little added lemon juice and sugar. Not only does this make Limoncello deceptively drinkable, it also means it’s super easy to make at home. Make it for a special Italian dinner, or decant into glass bottles for impressive Christmas presents – I filled preserving bottles and added simple labels this year.

Unlike some, this recipe does not need to be left for two weeks before you can drink it, so it’s good as a last-minute present. I used a litre of vodka and it filled five 250ml bottles, with a little left over for testing.

You’ll need:

1 litre vodka
350g sugar
zest of 3 lemons (unwaxed), peeled into big curls
8 lemons, juiced

Dissolve the sugar in the lemon juice and a splash of vodka. Add the curls of lemon zest. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the rest of the vodka and heat until warm… don’t let it boil. Remove from the heat, decant into your bottle(s) and chill.

Guaranteed to turn the most civilised of occasions silly.

X Loulou

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