Patriot Games

14 Sep

As much as the meanie in me was willing the plot lines of BBC Two’s Twenty Twelve to come true, I am so one-hundred-percent happy that it all worked out. Dignitaries stuck in traffic and a few early flag problems aside, London 2012 was a massive hit, in our house as much as anywhere. Between us we managed to see the men’s cycling road race (Wiggo’s sideburns whizzed past us in a blur and the early start was instantly worthwhile), the rowing at Eton Dorney, Paralympic swimming and athletics in the park, and rather a lot of the live coverage online. It was unexpectedly addictive, incredible and inspiring. The highlight was the atmosphere in the park. For the Games Makers, the job of stewarding thousands of people FOR FREE was potentially a thankless task, but their patriotic enthusiasm literally made the games. For me this was summed up by a megaphone and a makeshift, giggly game of Twister on the colourful tarmac at the end of our night.

20120914-203734.jpg Left leg pink! 20120914-201836.jpgWell done London.

x Loulou


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