A First Attempt at Macarons

1 Jul

Last night we had a mini macaron-making party at our friend Ollie’s house. It was the first time we’d attempted to make macarons so, setting to – whisking the egg whites, carefully weighing out the ground almonds, and drawing out our template with an egg cup – we really had no idea how they would turn out. The results were varied and it was pretty labour intensive, but we learnt a lot!

We started off making vanilla flavoured ones and then had a go at chocolate. The batch of vanilla definitely had the right shiny top and light, almondy consistency. Leaving the mixture to rest once you’ve piped it into rounds is absolutely necessary, it seems. A little impatient with the chocolate batch, we popped them into the oven before they’d had a chance to form a ‘shell’ on top, and they turned out more biscuit-like than macaron. Even so, with a dollop of chocolate ganache in the middle, they all tasted rather special and even looked like real macarons. Not bad for a first attempt.

We’ll post the recipe once we’ve perfected our technique but for now, take a look at some of our best macarons below…

x Ellie, Grace, Loulou

Thanks to Ollie for hosting, and providing the ingredients, recipe and photographic skills!

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