Aperol Spritz, A Venetian Food Memory

30 Jun

According to Grace, I’m one of those people who recalls memories of significant events in their lives by what they ate at the time. It’s not that I don’t remember who I was with, what music I liked at the time, or what I was wearing (although that’s often best forgotten), but food and drink are always far higher in my consciousness and also, more often than not, the trigger for a meander down memory lane.

So, a recent sip of aperol spritz and I was back in Venice, on a balmy summer’s evening, enjoying a tasty candlelit dinner, and indulging in silly gossip. Granted, that was basically what I was doing – only in London, not Venice – but it was the brilliantly lurid-orange tumbler of aperol spritz – the delicious Venetian aperitif of choice, made with prosecco and aperol, a bitter-orange-flavoured spirit – that brought the memories rushing back so powerfully… Shopping for vegetables at the Rialto Market, eating pizza at dusk in Campo Santa Margherita, sampling the million flavours of gelato on offer in Campo San Barnaba, and sipping on even more aperol spritz in the club above the supermarket on Strada Nuova (I forget it’s name). Funny how all those memories involve food too.

To make the perfect aperol spritz, mix two parts aperol with two parts prosecco, top up with soda water, and serve on the rocks with an olive and slice of orange. Do not forget the olive and slice of orange.

What’s your fondest food memory?

x Loulou


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