Raspberry Lip Tint

14 Jun


This month’s issue of Elle magazine offered some unusual emergency makeup advice. “If you forget your lipstick, try crushed-up raspberries for a luxe, rich colour that lasts.” Now while this may work at a lavish garden party brimming with raspberry daquiris or, I don’t know, a glam day at the pick-your-own, I’m not sure it translates to the real world. Maybe I’m wrong – perhaps there are girls in the queue for Mahiki bemoaning their once-again forgotten lipstick only for a friend to save the day by whipping a punnet of soft fruit from her clutch bag – but it does seem unlikely. I was, however, quite taken by the idea of a fruit-coloured lip tint or stain that didn’t involve me smearing raspberry juice across my face, and this Rimmel lip pen in Perpetual Plum is what I found…

It is applied with a felt-tip style pen and comes with a glossy balm to apply when the lip stain has dried, and it’s pretty cheery!

Grace x


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