Salmon-Pink Geraniums

18 Apr

In Elizabeth Goudge’s children’s book The Little White Horse, salmon-pink geraniums are everywhere – crowding windowsills,  decorating kitchens, and in particular filling the character Loveday’s secret house carved into the rock. I absolutely love this book, and salmon-pink geraniums as a result. I have also learnt valuable lessons from the main character, Maria Merryweather, who takes moral strength from the hidden crystals sewn around the top of her boots, and the unseen violets inside her bonnet – ‘for Maria was one of your true aristocrats; the perfection of the hidden things was even more important to her than the outward show’.

This might be the root of my obsession with wearing matching underwear. It might also be possible that ‘beauty is only skin deep’ is the message I was supposed to have learnt (and have clearly breezed past)…

Grace x


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