Birthday Piñatas

31 Mar


This year, for every birthday in our house I’ve been making a piñata. And not just any piñata, a letter piñata. I make the shape out of an old cardboard box and then glue on strips of frilly crepe paper. Once it’s all dry, and I’ve made sure I’ve remembered to leave a weak point at the base and a hole at the top – there was a certain amount of trial and error involved in this step to begin with – I hang it with ribbon and fill it with sweets and treats. I’ve found that the best place to get these from is the Pound Shop. I now have a party drawer stocked with mega bags of sweets, party poppers, whistles and more. And as a piñata stick, we find a rolling pin gets the job done just fine.

The idea came from Oh Happy Day!, a favourite blog of ours. We all read it wistfully dreaming of spending just a day in the life of Jordan Fearney, crafty party planner and blogger from San Francisco who has been living and blogging in Paris with her beautiful family for the past year. It’s wonderful! For more inspiration, take a look at her mini piñatas and alligator piñata.

x Loulou


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