Fun in Fancy Dress

24 Mar

I absolutely adore fancy dress, so I had to buy this old 1960’s magazine cutting when I found it at an Open House exhibition in Brighton in December. I’ve only recently got round to putting it up on my wall, but already I’m dreaming of dressing up as some tasty Neopolitan ice cream or a Chinese plate! I’m not so sure about the house aerial, although I have been known to make some odd fancy-dress choices in the past…

I’ve been everything from a helter skelter (circus theme) to a Kirsten-Dunst-esque Marrie Antoinette, from one of Alice in Wonderland’s singing flowers to a ballerina in a tutu made of plastic bags (your outfit had to involve recycling). But my all-time-best-ever outfit was a Titanic ship made out of a cardboard box, which me and a friend suspended on our shoulders with braces and danced around in all night. We even dressed up as ill-faited passengers – I was Rose, she refused to be Jack and so opted to dress up as a violin player in coat and tails, clutching a child’s violin which she attempted to play. We were only 10 or 11 at the time, but what with 2012 being a big year for Titanic, maybe it’s time for a second voyage.

x Loulou


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    […] for real – not as part of a fancy dress outfit, that is. It’s no secret that I’m partial to a bit of fancy dress, but when I bought these beauties from Zara, I was really looking forward to fully integrating them […]

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