7 Mar

Tiramisu is the best Italian dessert by far*.  Not only because it involves cake, chocolate, coffee, cheese and booze all in perfect proportions to one another (not necessarily listed in order of importance), but also because whoever invented it knew exactly what they were making and why. Tiramisu – ‘pick-me-up’ in Italian – does exactly what it says on the tin.

Our pick-me-up recipe is pretty simple and quick to make. It came about after a bit of experimentation, which is why it involves glugs and drops rather than precise measurements. To start, make a pot of strong coffee and let it cool. In a small, shallow bowl, mix the cooled coffee with some glugs of Marsala. In a large bowl, mix together two 250ml tubs of mascarpone with a can of condensed milk until combined. Add a drop or two of vanilla essence and stir it in. To construct the tiramisu, dip Savoiardi biscuits into the coffee mixture until slightly soggy on the bottom and place them soggy-side-down into your serving dish. Cover with half the mascarpone mixture, then sieve a liberal dusting of cocoa powder over the top. Repeat the layering of the soggy biscuits, mascarpone and cocoa powder. Grate some dark chocolate over the cocoa for extra chocolatey texture. For the best result, we find this pick-me-up is best served when it has been left overnight to mature. Serves 6.

x Loulou, Grace, Kate, Ellie

*before you protest, don’t worry, we count gelato in an entirely separate, exclusive category!


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